The business

The horse, metaphor for the company, represents strength and endurance. The character illustrates the president, he/she is characterized by his or her success in business, perseverance, strength and determination. His magnificent hat is decorated with a beautiful and large bird. He likes to hover, get passionate about the business world, he is able to carry the weight on his shoulders. The goat horns of this one symbolize the go-getter entrepreneur. His acolytes, two magnificent dogs, are there to represent the vice-president and the director. The wheel is because we know that things have to roll in business.

The windmill represents the employees who are part of this business success and who support the company, the famous essentials. Rock is because you have to be rock solid. The beautiful, endless staircase is to remind us that it is one step at a time. Finally, water reminds us that this great adventure that is entrepreneurship is against winds and tides.