Make your dreams come true 

For this character determined to realize his dreams, he needs a unique vehicle, built with his own hands. A RAM vehicle with the iconic horns on the front. A RAM vehicle powered by a six-boot engine: six boots, six times faster to achieve your dreams. It walks on the will and the desire to move forward, with only love and fresh water as its fuel.

The rear propeller speeds up the movement. The Roman helmet provides security. The flippers work wonders for controlling yaws, rolls and pitches while keeping the course that the parrot-GPS trumpets at will. For stopovers, the character drops anchor and trusts the snail-shaped auxiliary wheels: grown-ups also need support in life.

Our character does not leave alone. He carries Princess on his back, all in curls, who has the key to his heart around her neck. Also on his back, an armful of baby birds: these are the seeds of experience, germinated along his journey.

He did not leave without his suitcase. It contains neatly arranged projects, past decisions, dreams, and the realities encountered, a baggage of life that has grown to the rhythm of passing time, and that is monitored without indulgence.

The mast is tied in the middle, like the knots in the stomach that sometimes arise in those who pursue their dreams. The mast carries a large three-bladed propeller and two ducklings. For the essential elevation.

And when the road to dreams gets bumpy, it's up to the ducklings to restore balance. At last glance, it's a crew of wealth and fantasy suspended in the light of its dreams.